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Season 2, Episode 12

Con Men

The Stash organizes an auction to help a friend sell his collection. A customer relates to one of Spider-Man's deadliest enemies.

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Walt gets a call from Gary Conover, a comic book collector who was one of the Secret Stash’s very first customers. With health issues having led him to some hard times financially, Gary asks Walt for assistance with appraising and selling his comics. Walt, Michael, Ming, and Bryan head over to Gary’s house, where they're blown away by a massive collection (72 boxes worth) which includes a number of rare issues, some dating back to the late ‘50s. To move the collection quickly while also getting maximum value, Walt organizes a comic book convention-themed auction, and even gets Stan Lee to autograph some items and record a special video. With 100% of the proceeds going to Gary, the auction raises $27,935.

Separately, Walt buys two He-Man animation cels (after consulting with Robert Bruce) and a limited edition Star Trek 12” The Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk figure signed by William Shatner. Walt also sells a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (featuring the first appearance of Venom), but can't strike a deal to buy a reproduction of a 1940s advertisement for Superman comic books.