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What You’re Saying About Breaking Bad‘s July 17 Premiere

There was much jubilation from commenters this week after AMC announced Breaking Bad Season 4 will premiere Sun., Jul. 17 at 10PM | 9C. Calendars have been marked and everyone is counting down the days until Walt, Jesse and the rest of the gang return. Here’s what the fans had to say.

• “Just put this date on my calendar so my hubby and I won’t miss it!!” — Marie Burns

• “Every day from now on I’m going to look at my calendar every morning and wish it was July 17.” — Karl Parkinson

• “I’ve missed Mr. White so much, still hung up on that cliffhanger.” — David Binius

• “July 17th is my birthday. It looks like the folks at AMC knew exactly what to get me.” — Scottmichael Farrey

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