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Breaking Bad Full Series Encores Continue Wed. With Start of Season 2


Just in time for the new year, AMC kicks off the second leg of Breaking Bad‘s full series encores: This Wednesday night, the Season 2 premiere, “Seven Thirty-Seven,” airs at 2:30AM | 1:30C immediately after the Season 1 Finale, “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal” at 1:30AM | 12:30C. The rest of Breaking Bad‘s Season 2 will follow suit right after AMC’s weekly, Wednesday night Action Pack double-feature. What do you have in store? How about the big shootout with Tuco, the ATM murder, and Walt’s horrifying final moments with Jane! Don’t miss a moment of Breaking Bad‘s Season 2. Anything this good is worth watching twice. Click here to see a full schedule of Breaking Bad on AMC.

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