Marie’s Blog – Think About It! You Know I’m Right


Hello Internet! As a little celebration of Hank’s return home and all the progress he’s made in the last week, my sister and I met up for a little brunch earlier this week. Well, technically, earlier today.

With everything that’s been going on, I think we both needed the break. And the bloody marys.

Now, I know Skyler thinks this is just one of my crazy ideas, but can anyone tell me why there isn’t a tomato-flavored vodka? I mean, there’s, like, already a pepper-flavored vodka, so why not? And I’m not just picking tomatoes at random — it’s an ingredient in lots of cocktails. Like bloody marys. And… other drinks I can’t think of right now.

Yes, absolutely, it would be weird to pick any old vegetable and make it into some kind of booze. No one is crying out for carrot-flavored vodka. Or, say, lettuce-infused rum. No, I’m just saying, you have two things that are ALREADY great together — why not combine them?

Like peanut butter and chocolate. Or magazines and bathrooms. (Okay, that one is actually Hank’s idea, but just between you and me? He’s not wrong.)