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“Better Clear Your Calendar” for “The Best New Show” – Critics Are Loving Better Call Saul

Television critics are giving  Better Call Saul a thunderous round of applause, calling the AMC series “the best new show of 2015,” star Bob Odenkirk a “national treasure,” and showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould “magic.” Check out a sampling of blurbs about the series:

“Trust us when we tell you your jaw will be on the ground.” – Entertainment Tonight

“Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are returning to work their magic…” – Time

“Bob Odenkirk is a borderline national treasure…” – The Wrap

“A great second act in Vince Gilligan’s brilliant and strange foray into New Mexico.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Better clear your calendar.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Odenkirk’s talent is on full display…” – The Washington Post

“I have never seen a prequel handled so cleverly…” – Esquire

“Both jarring and hilarious at the same time…” – The Huffington Post

“Easily the most anticipated new show of the year…” – Vulture

“The best new show of 2015…” – MediaPost

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Better Call Saul premieres in a two-night event this Sunday and Monday at 10/9c on AMC.

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