Never mind the typo in the title. It was seven long years between Dominic Sena’s first movie, Kalifornia, and the claptrap he started pumping out after that (beginning with Gone in 60 Seconds). I guess you can forget a lot in that kind of time, because Kalifornia shows the kind of promise that undoubtedly got him work later in life. A road trip story with a twist, David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes play hipster artistes stuck in Kentucky, looking to move to California and write a book on infamous serial killers along the way. Along for the ride are Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis as people who should probably stay in Kentucky… and never mind if Pitt’s Early Grayce doesn’t have a few bodies buried in his past. A very well-written and suspenseful film, Kalifornia is an underrated and underseen gem. The ending bogs down a bit, but it’s definitely worthwhile.