• <i>Night of the Living Dead</i> (1968)
    Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    "They're coming to get you, Barbra." George A. Romero's film, which inspired sequels, homages, and parodies, opens with an iconic scenario: one zombie, one human, and no one to hear the call for help.
  • <i>Planet Terror</i>
    Planet Terror
    Biochemical weapons are to blame for the latest batch of zombies to torment rural America. Robert Rodriguez's FX team went for cheap thrills while supplying Bruce Willis with the most unflattering makeover in history.
<i>Night of the Living Dead</i> (1968)
<i>Planet Terror</i>
<i>Shaun of the Dead</i>
<i>28 Days Later...</i>
<i>Cemetery Man</i>
<i>Dawn of the Dead</i> (2004)
<i>Day of the Dead</i> (1985)
<i>White Zombie</i>
<i>Army of Darkness</i>
<i>Land of the Dead</i>
<i>Evil Dead II</i>
<i>Pet Sematary</i>
<i>Zombie</i> (1979)
<i>Resident Evil</i>
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