• The Title Team from <i>Hoosiers</i> (1986)
    The Title Team from Hoosiers (1986)
    Don't let looks deceive you -- this gaggle of skinny college kids is greater than the sum of its parts, thanks to Gene Hackman's fiery pep-talks.
  • The Pythons from <i>The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh</i> (1979)
    The Pythons from The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979)
    By harnessing the power of astrology and re-inventing themselves as the Pittsburgh Pisces, this odd assortment of March/April-born players (including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) is an unstoppable dream team.
The Title Team from <i>Hoosiers</i> (1986)
The Pythons from <i>The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh</i> (1979)
The Tune Squad from <i>Space Jam</i> (1996)
The Knights from <i>Like Mike</i> (2002)
Richmond High School from <i>Coach Carter</i> (2005)
The Western Miners from <i>Glory Road</i> (2006)
The Milwaukee Beers from <i>BASEketball</i> (1998)
The Flint Tropics from <i>Semi-Pro</i> (2008)
The Lady Trojans from <i>Love and Basketball</i> (2000)
The Lady Cyclones from <i>Believe In Me</i> (2006)
The Beavers from <i>Teen Wolf</i> (1985)
The Timberwolves from <i>Air Bud</i> (1997)
The Smelters from <i>Rebound</i> (2005)
Cadwallader College of <i>Fast Break</i> (1979)
The Western Dolphins from <i>Blue Chips</i> (1994)
The Celtics from <i>Celtic Pride</i> (1996)
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