• Babe, <i>Babe</i> (1995)
    Babe, Babe (1995)
    Pigs are smart and greatly suited to method acting. Babe is no exception. With great skill, personality, and courage, this pig inhabits a persona greater than himself: a sheepdog disguised in bacon's clothing. "That'll do, pig. That'll do."
  • Archie, <i>Dr. Doolittle 2</i> (2001)
    Archie, Dr. Doolittle 2 (2001)
    Who knows if Archie, the circus bear, will get Eva, the wild bear to be his gal? Convincing in his part, Archie holds his own next to Eddie Murphy's performance in a tale of unrequited love, depressed overeating, and lactose intolerance.
Babe, <i>Babe</i> (1995)
Archie, <i>Dr. Doolittle 2</i> (2001)
Mr. Bigglesworth, <i>Austin Powers</i> (1997/2002)
Puffy, <i>There's Something About Mary</i> (1998)
Frank, <i>Men In Black</i> (1997/2002)
Samantha, <i>I Am Legend </i>(2007)
Snakes, <i>Snakes on a Plane</i> (2006)
Birds in The Birds (1963)
Gopher, <i>Caddyshack</i> (1980)
Racoon, <i>Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle</i> (2004)
Great White Shark, <i>Jaws</i>(1975)
Flipper, <i>Flipper</i> (1996)
Monkey, <i>Raiders of the Lost Ark </i>(1981)
Jack, <i>Pirates of the Caribbean</i> (2003/2006/2007)
Cujo, <i>Cujo</i> (1983)
Church, <i>Pet Sematary</i> (1989)
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