• Harvey Stephens as "Damien" in <i>The Omen</i> (1976)
    Harvey Stephens as "Damien" in The Omen (1976)
    Technically he's not the Devil himself, but Satan's son: the Antichrist. Either way, young Damien puts off evil vibes with his creepy nanny, "666" birthmark and consuming desire to murder his adoptive mom.
  • Linda Blair as "Regan" in <i>The Exorcist</i> (1973)
    Linda Blair as "Regan" in The Exorcist (1973)
    Movie theaters issued barf bags to accommodate patrons overcome by Blair's effluvia-soaked performance. Afterwards, audiences wanted the devil to get her due: Blair received death threats and had to be protected by Warner Bros.' bodyguards.
Harvey Stephens as "Damien" in <i>The Omen</i> (1976)
Linda Blair as "Regan" in <i>The Exorcist</i> (1973)
Bill Cosby as "Barney Satin" in <i>The Devil and Max Devlin</i> (1981)
George Burns as "Harry O. Tophet" in <i>Oh, God! You Devil!</i> (1984)
Max Von Sydow as "Leland Gaunt" in <i>Needful Things</i> (1993)
Peter Cook as "George Spiggott" in <i>Bedazzled</i> (1967)
Laird Cregar as "His Excellency" in <i>Heaven Can Wait </i>(1943)
Walter Huston as "Mr. Scratch" in <i>The Devil and Daniel Webster</i> (1941)
Elizabeth Hurley as "The Devil" in <i>Bedazzled</i> (2000)
Jennifer Love Hewitt as "The Devil" in <i>The Devil and Daniel Webster</i> (2004)
Jack Nicholson as "Daryl Van Horne" in <i>The Witches of Eastwick</i> (1987)
Harvey Keitel as Satan in <i>Little Nicky</i> (2000)
Viggo Mortensen as "Lucifer" in <i>The Prophecy</i> (1995)
Gabriel Byrne as "The Man" in <i>End of Days</i> (1999)
Robert De Niro as "Louis Cyphre" in <i>Angel Heart</i> (1987)
Al Pacino as "John Milton" in <i>The Devil's Advocate</i> (1999)
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