• Ethan Hunt, <i>Mission: Impossible</i>
    Ethan Hunt, Mission: Impossible
    Take a look at that grimace. Does that look like the face of a man who's going to let a silly word like "impossible" stop him? Hell no! Ethan Hunt escapes explosions, scales buildings, climbs cliffs and performs moving-train acrobatics, all in time to be home for dinner.
  • Captain John Anderton, <i>Minority Report</i>
    Captain John Anderton, Minority Report
    Here, Cruise plays the hunted, and Anderton will do anything to save himself. Anything means chase speeding vehicles, kidnap a precog and stop for elective, super-advantageous eye surgery on the way. He may be the hunted, but Anderton's more predator than prey.
Ethan Hunt, <i>Mission: Impossible</i>
Captain John Anderton, <i>Minority Report</i>
Ron Kovic, <i>Born on the Fourth of July</i>
Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, <i>Top Gun</i>
Ray Ferrier, <i>War of the Worlds</i>
Roy Miller, <i>Knight and Day</i>
Captain Nathan Algren, <i>The Last Samurai</i>
Cole Trickle, <i>Days of Thunder</i>
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