• Dalton, <i>Road House</i>
    Dalton, Road House
    Dalton hails from New York City and comes ready to rock small-town crime. Up against a crew of corrupt businessmen, their worst attacks lead only to Dalton remarking, "Pain don't hurt." Indeed, Dalton.
  • Nomad, <i>Steel Dawn</i>
    Nomad, Steel Dawn
    In a postapocalyptic world, this man with no name roams a barren landscape on a mission of vengeance -- a mission he'll briefly suspend to, say, protect innocents from evil marauders. Now that's a soldier of destiny.
Dalton, <i>Road House</i>
Nomad, <i>Steel Dawn</i>
Sam Wheat, <i>Ghost</i>
Johnny Castle, <i>Dirty Dancing</i>
Jed, <i>Red Dawn</i>
Darrel Curtis, <i>The Outsiders</i>
Bodhi, <i>Point Break</i>
Derek Sutton, <i>Youngblood</i>
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