• Mad Max Rockatansky, <i>Mad Max</i>
    Mad Max Rockatansky, Mad Max
    A postapocalyptic highway is positively crawling with bandits, but all Max needs to fight them is 600 horsepower and the balls to use it all at once. The brutality of a post-oil-age dystopia is just the thing to bring out Max's inner badass.
  • Porter, <i>Payback</i>
    Porter, Payback
    Porter is a smooth operator -- smooth enough to pull off the ol' lit-cigarette-on-a-trail-of-gasoline trick -- and tough too: he survives multiple gunshots (at one time), car collisions, major explosions, and more. If you ever get money stolen, have Porter retrieve it.
Mad Max Rockatansky, <i>Mad Max</i>
Porter, <i>Payback</i>
Bret Maverick, <i>Maverick</i>
Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore, <i>We Were Soldiers</i>
Sergeant Martin Riggs, <i>Lethal Weapon</i>
Fletcher Christian Master's Mate, <i>The Bounty</i>
William Wallace, <i>Braveheart</i>
Benjamin Martin, <i>The Patriot</i>
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