• Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford), <i>The Natural</i>
    Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford), The Natural
    Hobbs was born with a bat in his hand. He doesn't have it easy -- sinister folks are out to sabotage him every hit of the way -- but he's adaptable and clutch: when his trusty homemade bat, Wonderboy, splits in two, he finds a way to knock the ball out of the park when it matters most.
  • Hamilton "Ham" Porter (Patrick Renna), <i>The Sandlot</i>
    Hamilton "Ham" Porter (Patrick Renna), The Sandlot
    His physique might lend itself better to cannonballs (and he sure is good at those), but his real passion comes out on the diamond -- or the sandlot that he and his friends play on daily. He's not the fastest, but from behind the plate he throws insults that hit as hard as any fastball.
Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford), <i>The Natural</i>
Hamilton "Ham" Porter (Patrick Renna), <i>The Sandlot</i>
Crash Davis (Kevin Costner), <i>Bull Durham</i>
Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner), <i>For Love of the Game</i>
Ricky Vaughn (Charlie Sheen), <i>Major League</i>
Jimmy Morris (Dennis Quaid), <i>The Rookie</i>
Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis), <i>A League of Their Own</i>
Amanda Whurlitzer (Tatum O'Neal), <i>The Bad News Bears</i>
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