• John McClane (Bruce Willis), <i>Die Hard</i>
    John McClane (Bruce Willis), Die Hard
    Terrorists, drug lords, and other riffraff follow McClane wherever he goes, so you can understand where his attitude problem comes from. He works within the constraints of the law (and with limited ammo), so you'll excuse him if he lets loose once he finally gets his hands on a machine gun.
  • Han Solo (Harrison Ford), <i>Star Wars</i>
    Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Star Wars
    This rebel outlaw comes with a dash of charisma, so he's got his pick of the litter to help carry out every plan. He's not fighting for the good guys -- he only cares about getting paid. After numerous space battles, a stint in carbonite, and some run-ins with Darth Vader, Solo's bad attitude is well earned.
John McClane (Bruce Willis), <i>Die Hard</i>
Han Solo (Harrison Ford), <i>Star Wars</i>
Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), <i>Lethal Weapon</i>
Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), <i>Alien</i>
John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), <i>First Blood</i>
Maximus (Russell Crowe), <i>Gladiator</i>
Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), <i>Escape From New York</i>
Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson), <i>Death Wish</i>
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