• James Bond, Bond Series
    James Bond, Bond Series
    Bond is the ultimate superspy, the guy everyone from Austin Powers to Jason Bourne aspires to be. He's suave, well dressed, comes prepared with catchphrases and puns galore, and he's deadly (whether with a gun or his hands). Bond isn't bad with the ladies, either.
  • Henry Jones, <em>Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade</em>
    Henry Jones, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Just another tweed-clad professor? Nope. Jones is in pursuit of some of the world's most famous artifacts, including the Holy Grail, and he's got the gumption to find them. While the graybeard may look harmless toting an umbrella, he's willing to use it as a weapon in a pinch.
James Bond, Bond Series
Henry Jones, <em>Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade</em>
Jim Malone, <em>The Untouchables</em>
John Mason, <i>The Rock</i>
Draco, <i>Dragonheart</i>
Allan Quatermain, <i>The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen</i>
King Arthur, <i>First Knight</i>
Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, <i>Highlander</i>
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