•  Biff Tannen, <i>Back to the Future</i>
    Biff Tannen, Back to the Future
    "Hello? Anybody home, McFly? Think, McFly, think!" Mean to the bone, Biff (Thomas F. Wilson), the nemesis of Marty (Michael J. Fox), devotes his life to taking (women, money), first from Marty's ancestors, then from Marty himself. In a victory for anyone who has ever been bullied, Biff gets what he deserves: a mouthful of manure.
  • Stan Gable, <i>Revenge of the Nerds</i>
    Stan Gable, Revenge of the Nerds
    Stan (Ted McGinley) has an additional strength that makes his bullying particularly difficult to overcome: political power. The poor nerds he and his frat buddies like to harass only want to be left alone, but, thanks to rules Stan himself wrote, they have no rights. Whatever you do, don't go Greek if this guy's on campus.
 Biff Tannen, <i>Back to the Future</i>
Stan Gable, <i>Revenge of the Nerds</i>
Regina George, <i>Mean Girls</i>
Steff, <i>Pretty in Pink</i>
Chet Donnelly, <i>Weird Science</i>
Johnny Lawrence, <i>The Karate Kid</i>
Ace Merrill, <i>Stand by Me</i>
Scut Farkus, <i>A Christmas Story</i>
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