• James Bond in <i>Casino Royale</i> (2006)
    James Bond in Casino Royale (2006)
    Ever the cool customer, Bond (Daniel Craig) sneaks in a quick murder during a poker tournament's break. With $115 million at stake, the always-intense Bond returns to the table to stare his opponent down. His deep blue eyes may be transfixing, but he's not giving anything away.
  • Bret Maverick in <i>Maverick</i> (1998)
    Bret Maverick in Maverick (1998)
    Money? Such a lowly pursuit. Bret (Mel Gibson) plays poker in pursuit of pure glory. And whereas his opponents accept bogus bottom hands from the dealer, Bret catches on quick, insisting on the top card of the fixed deck. Then he successfully bets on a royal flush without ever seeing that fifth card. Not bad!
James Bond in <i>Casino Royale</i> (2006)
Bret Maverick in <i>Maverick</i> (1998)
Jack Manfred in <i>Croupier</i> (1998)
Axel Freed in <i>The Gambler</i> (1974)
Mike McDermott in <i>Rounders</i> (1998)
Ben Campbell in <i>21</i> (2008)
Jay Trotter in <i>Let It Ride</i> (1989)
Sam "Ace" Rothstein in <i>Casino</i> (1995)
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