• Max Cady in <i>Cape Fear</i> (1991)
    Max Cady in Cape Fear (1991)
    Pity the prosecutor who gets in the way of this violent, obsessive goon (Robert De Niro)! Having learned that his prosecutor (Nick Nolte) pulled a fast one way back when in the form of some buried evidence, Cady is intent on getting his revenge, and no method -- rape, cheek-biting, dog-poisoning, stalking -- is too extreme.
  • Jack Jordan in <i>21 Grams</i> (2003)
    Jack Jordan in 21 Grams (2003)
    As a born-again Christian, Benicio Del Toro has the best intentions but can barely keep his anger in check and is in constant danger of giving in to his demons. So when he kills a man and two children in a hit-and-run, well, you know where things are headed. It's not long before guns are pointing at heads in the parking lots of cheap roadside motels.
Max Cady in <i>Cape Fear</i> (1991)
Jack Jordan in <i>21 Grams</i> (2003)
Danny Ocean in <i>Ocean's Eleven</i> (2001)
Jimmy Markum in <i>Mystic River</i> (2003)
Carlito Brigante in <i>Carlito's Way</i> (1993)
Frank White in <i>King of New York</i> (1990)
Cameron Poe in <i>Con Air</i> (1997)
Andy Dufresne in <i>The Shawshank Redemption</i> (1994)
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