• Danny Ocean in <i>Ocean's Eleven</i> (2001)
    Danny Ocean in Ocean's Eleven (2001)
    A sharp-dressing slickster, George Clooney's says "buh-bye" to parole and "hello"-- again-- to the high-rolling life. Freedom, Ocean's wager, is no match for the potential payoff of $150 million big ones. All he and partner Brad Pitt need is an investing inside man with a chip on his shoulder. Check.
  • Louis Gara in <i>Jackie Brown</i>
    Louis Gara in Jackie Brown
    Robert De Niro keeps company with all manner of social deviant (Samuel L. Jackson as loud-mouthed gun dealer Ordell; Bridget Fonda as sexy pothead Melanie), but he may be the most rules-shirking of all: Jail time already served for bank robbery, the psychotically calm Gara is moved to shoot poor Melanie dead for the serious offense of running her mouth.
Danny Ocean in <i>Ocean's Eleven</i> (2001)
Louis Gara in <i>Jackie Brown</i>
Billy Brown in <i>Buffalo '66</i>
Libby in <i>Double Jeopardy</i>
"Joliet" Jake Blues in <i>The Blues Brothers</i>
Joe Braxton in <i>Bustin' Loose</i>
H.I. "Hi" McDunnough in <i>Raising Arizona</i>
Charlene Morton in <i>Bringing Down the House</i>
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