• The Bride, <i>Kill Bill</i> (2003)
    The Bride, Kill Bill (2003)
    Bill (David Carradine) had her man murdered -- on her wedding day. Now Uma Thurman's Bride will travel to the ends of the earth to serve her baby-daddy a nice cold dish of back-atcha. He'll lose a whole cadre of sexy assassins before she lands the final death-blow.
  • Sara, <i>Serious Moonlight</i> (2009)
    Sara, Serious Moonlight (2009)
    Duct tape won't solve all the problems in your relationship, but Sara (Meg Ryan) finds it useful for keeping her adulterous husband in check. Spending a few hours tied to the toilet will make any man re-think his priorities -- or at least start locking the bathroom door.
The Bride, <i>Kill Bill</i> (2003)
Sara, <i>Serious Moonlight</i> (2009)
Dolores, <i>Dolores Claiborne</i> (1995)
Francine Hughes, <i>The Burning Bed</i> (1984)
Brenda, Elise and Annie, <i>First Wives Club</i> (1996)
Madeline Ashton, <i>Death Becomes Her</i> (1992)
Suzanne Stone, <i>To Die For</i> (1995)
Bernadine Harris, <i>Waiting to Exhale</i> (1995)
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