• 1958 Plymouth Fury from <i>Christine</i> (No. 1)
    1958 Plymouth Fury from Christine (No. 1)
    The mother of all killer cars deserves the top seed. Christine lacks the mass of a semi and the firepower of an anti-zombie RV, but you can beat up this cherry ride, and she'll keep on coming.
  • The Landmaster from <i>Damnation Alley</i> (No. 8)
    The Landmaster from Damnation Alley (No. 8)
    Check out the crazy triangular wheel assemblies on this bad boy! The futuristic Landmaster will turn any tank into a punk be-yotch. Pedigree it ain't got, but mean looks? Hell yeah.
1958 Plymouth Fury from <i>Christine</i> (No. 1)
The Landmaster from <i>Damnation Alley</i> (No. 8)
Frankenstein's modified Chevrolet Corvette from <i>Death Race 2000</i> (No. 2)
1941 Chevy COE from <i>Jeepers Creepers</i> (No. 7)
1969 Dodge Charger from <i>Death Proof</i> (No. 3)
1955 Peterbuilt from <i>Duel</i> (No. 6)
The Goblin Truck from <i>Maximum Overdrive</i> (No. 4)
Armored RV from <i>Land of the Dead</i> (No. 5)
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