• Jamal K. Malik in <i>Slumdog Millionaire</i> (2008)
    Jamal K. Malik in Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
    The incredibly charismatic Dev Patel becomes even more magnetic during the Bollywood group dance in the movie's closing credits. He holds and spins his lady in yellow, and, in a now-classic move, he joyfully seesaws his fists in front of him so his shirt falls off the shoulder.
  • Scott Hastings in <i>Strictly Ballroom</i> (1992)
    Scott Hastings in Strictly Ballroom (1992)
    With his eyes brooding and shoulders back, Paul Mercurio gives the stodgy judges a shock: He has the nerve to slide in on his knees (how dare he!) and swing his partner off the floor (oh, no he didn't!). And when the judges cut the music, Mercurio keeps dancing.
Jamal K. Malik in <i>Slumdog Millionaire</i> (2008)
Scott Hastings in <i>Strictly Ballroom</i> (1992)
Turbo in <i>Breakin'</i> (1984)
DJ Williams in <i>Stomp the Yard</i> (2007)
Napoleon Dynamite in <i>Napoleon Dynamite</i> (2004)
Peter Sanderson in <i>Bringing Down the House</i> (2003)
Anita in <i>West Side Story</i> (1961)
Alex Owens in <i>Flashdance</i> (1983)
Joel Goodsen in <i>Risky Business</i> (1983)
Andrew Clark in <i>The Breakfast Club</i> (1985)
Johnny Castle in <i>Dirty Dancing</i> (1987)
Tony Manero in  <i>Saturday Night Fever</i> (1977)
David Starsky in <i>Starsky and Hutch</i> (2004)
Hansel in <i>Zoolander</i> (2001)
Pee Wee Herman in <i>Pee Wee's Big Adventure</i> (1985)
Olive Hoover in <i>Little Miss Sunshine</i> (2006)
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