• Jennifer Check, <i>Jennifer's Body</i>
    Jennifer Check, Jennifer's Body
    In this teen flick, Megan Fox is a sleek-haired, tiny-waisted, pillow-lipped high school cheerleader who wants her pick of the football team -- but she's less interested in dating them than in feasting on their flesh.
  • Sil, <i>Species</i>
    Sil, Species
    Her mission: To seduce mankind. Her weapon: A kinky alien brain housed in a model's physique. As the sexiest half-alien of the '90s, Natasha Henstridge murders her way toward procreation, leaving a trail of corpses, and at least one mutated rat, in her wake.
Jennifer Check, <i>Jennifer's Body</i>
Sil, <i>Species</i>
Nancy Archer, <i>Attack of the 50 Foot Woman</i>
Santanico Pandemonium, <i>From Dusk Till Dawn</i>
Queen Akasha, <i>Queen of the Damned</i>
Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy, <i>Countess Dracula</i>
Mystique, <i>X-Men</i>
Grendel's mother, <i>Beowulf</i>
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