• Veronica Vaughn, <i>Billy Madison</i> (1995)
    Veronica Vaughn, Billy Madison (1995)
    Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson) would never dream of consorting with one of her third-graders, but in a case where one of them happens to be pushing thirty, this blonde bombshell will make an exception. At least the man-child in question waits until he's moved on to the fourth grade before pursuing her in earnest!
  • Sheba Hart, <i>Notes on a Scandal</i> (2006)
    Sheba Hart, Notes on a Scandal (2006)
    In the throes of her midlife crisis, Hart (Cate Blanchette) succumbs to the advances of her 15-year-old art student, ultimately teaching him way more than about anatomy than most kids learn till college. It's wrong to condone a crime, but who among us could resist Blanchette at her most ethereally radiant? Let that person cast the first stone.
Veronica Vaughn, <i>Billy Madison</i> (1995)
Sheba Hart, <i>Notes on a Scandal</i> (2006)
Miss Honeywell, <i>Porky's</i> (1982)
Joyce Palmieri, <i>Kindergarten Cop</i> (1990)
LouAnne Johnson, <i>Dangerous Minds</i> (1995)
Storm, <i>X-Men</i> (2000)
Rosemary Cross, <i>Rushmore</i> (1998)
Ms. Pomeroy, <i>Donnie Darko</i> (2001)
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