• Kable, <i>Gamer</i> (2009)
    Kable, Gamer (2009)
    When this death row inmate (Gerard Butler) destroys an opponent in combat, he shares the glory with an unseen ally: The "gamer" remotely controlling his every move. It's like 300, minus 298. Machine guns, grenades, and a flair for brutal hand-to-hand combat are just a few of the weapons in this warrior's arsenal.
  • Richard Riddick, <i>Pitch Black</i> (2000)
    Richard Riddick, Pitch Black (2000)
    Riddick (Vin Diesel) is one of the last surviving Furyans, a race imbued with superhuman toughness. But he's far from endangered, thanks to a surgical implant that gives him flawless night vision. If you're dumb enough to challenge this beefcake to a duel, best to schedule it for noon.
Kable, <i>Gamer</i> (2009)
Richard Riddick, <i>Pitch Black</i> (2000)
Alex J. Murphy, <i>Robocop</i> (1987)
Sarah Connor, <i>Terminator 2</i> (1991)
Capt. Steven Hiller, <i>Independence Day</i> (1996)
Ellen Ripley, <i>Aliens</i> (1986)
Max Rockatansky, <i>Mad Max</i> (1979)
Neo, <i>The Matrix</i> (1999)
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