• John Rambo, Rambo Series
    John Rambo, Rambo Series
    In the eighties, no one was tougher than Rambo. One of the toughest characters of all time, he comes armed with the beat-down skills of the Green Berets and the guts to use them in the civilian world. This character fills body bags and leaps from cliffs like it's nothing.
  • Cosmo Carboni, <i>Paradise Alley</i>
    Cosmo Carboni, Paradise Alley
    What's tougher than wrestling for money? Getting your gentle-giant kid brother to do it for you, as Stallone's Cosmo does in this period flick. Add a wifebeater, a driving cap, a dangling cigarette, and some scrappy run-ins with a Hell's Kitchen gangster, and that's a tough guy you can bet on.
John Rambo, Rambo Series
Cosmo Carboni, <i>Paradise Alley</i>
Freddy Heflin, <i>Cop Land</i>
Lieutenant Raymond Tango, <i>Tango & Cash</i>
John Spartan, <i>Demolition Man</i>
Judge Joseph Dredd, <i>Judge Dredd</i>
Lincoln Hawk, <i>Over the Top</i>
Rocky Balboa, Rocky Series
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