• Esther, <i>Orphan</i> (2009)
    Esther, Orphan (2009)
    The most recent addition to this brood, Esther (Isabelle Furhman) reveals herself to be an old hand at the arts of manipulating adults, terrifying children, and causing one gruesome "accident" after another. Lighting tree houses on fire, pushing kids into traffic... It's just another day at the playground.
  • Damien Thorn, <i>The Omen</i> (1976)
    Damien Thorn, The Omen (1976)
    In the case of the Antichrist, nurture is no match for nature. No matter how loving or wealthy his parents are, bizarre fatal accidents strike down anyone who suspects the truth about little Damien Thorn (Harvey Stephens). So how do you discipline a child who can only be killed with sacred daggers? Better leave that to his Satanic nanny.
Esther, <i>Orphan</i> (2009)
Damien Thorn, <i>The Omen</i> (1976)
Henry Evans, <i>The Good Son</i> (1993)
Joshua Cairn, <i>Joshua</i> (2007)
Rhoda Penmark, <i>The Bad Seed</i> (1956)
Mary Tilford, <i>The Children's Hour </i>(1961)
Samara Morgan, <i>The Ring</i> (2002)
Regan, <i>The Exorcist</i> (1973)
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