• Sacha Baron Cohen, <i>Bruno</i> (2009)
    Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno (2009)
    You could really sub in any of Cohen-as-Bruno's outfits in for his sparkly yellow lederhosen - all of Bruno's looks are equally sartorially offensive and they all demonstrate his propensity for baring more upper thigh than makes most people comfortable. The kicky little hat is just the cherry on top of this flamboyant man-meat sundae.
  • Samuel L. Jackson, <i>The Spirit</i> (2008)
    Samuel L. Jackson, The Spirit (2008)
    Samuel L. Jackson has always loved to play dress-up, but let's hope that playing the evil Octopus taught him an important lesson about excess. More fur does not equal more badass-ness, it just makes you look more like someone's rich grandmother, runny eye makeup and all.
Sacha Baron Cohen, <i>Bruno</i> (2009)
Samuel L. Jackson, <i>The Spirit</i> (2008)
Sarah Jessica Parker, <i>Sex and the City: The Movie</i> (2008)
Shari Headley, <i>Coming to America</i> (1988)
Anne Hathaway, <i>The Devil Wears Prada</i> (2006)
Isla Fisher, <i>Confessions of a Shopaholic</i> (2009)
John Travolta, <i>Battlefield Earth</i> (2000)
John Travolta, <i>Hairspray</i> (2007)
Sean Connery, <i>Zardoz</i> (1974)
Sting, <i>Dune</i> (1984)
Dustin Hoffman, <i>Tootsie</i> (1982)
Eddie Murphy, <i>Norbit</i> (2997)
Melanie Griffith, <i>Working Girl</i> (1988)
Christina Applegate, <i>Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead</i> (1991)
Michael Jackson, <i>The Wiz</i>  (1978)
Carl Weathers, <i>Rocky</i> (1976)
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