• Mrs. Robinson, <i>The Graduate</i>  (1967)
    Mrs. Robinson, The Graduate (1967)
    Forget Joe Dimaggio - a nation turns its lonely eyes to the preening, pouncing Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) instead. Like any truly gifted seductress, she toys with her prey before devouring it, leaving Ben (Dustin Hoffman) half-convinced their summer-long "arrangement" was actually all his idea.
  • Samantha Jones, <i>Sex And The City</i>  (2008)
    Samantha Jones, Sex And The City (2008)
    Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has tried a little of everything over the years, but a hot young actor named Jerry (Jason Lewis) is the only guy that's able to keep her attention for longer than a night. Is she queen of the cougars, or has New York simply run out of men her own age? Samantha would probably tell you that both are true.
Mrs. Robinson, <i>The Graduate</i>  (1967)
Samantha Jones, <i>Sex And The City</i>  (2008)
The Marquise de Merteuil, <i>Dangerous Liaisons</i>  (1988)
Stella Payne, <i>How Stella Got Her Groove Back</i>  (1998)
Luisa, <i>Y Tu Mama Tambien</i>  (2001)
Jeanine Stifler, <i>American Pie</i>  (1999)
Blanche Dubois, <i>A Streetcar Named Desire</i>  (1951)
Norma Desmond, <i>Sunset Blvd.</i> (1950)
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