• Abel Turner, <i>Lakeview Terrace</i> (2008)
    Abel Turner, Lakeview Terrace (2008)
    Better to sell your dream house at a loss than live next to a racist bully with a badge. Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) acts like psychotic one-upmanship is in his job description. And while electric hedge-trimmers may not be standard issue, he considers them fair game in a fight.
  • Carol Brazier, <i>Pineapple Express</i> (2008)
    Carol Brazier, Pineapple Express (2008)
    Don't let her appearance fool you. This accomplice to murder is a tireless tracker and fights like a tiger when cornered. (Stoner Seth Rogen barely stood a chance.) When she breaks out that roundhouse kick, best not to be in her sights.
Abel Turner, <i>Lakeview Terrace</i> (2008)
Carol Brazier, <i>Pineapple Express</i> (2008)
Bob, <i>Sin City</i> (2005)
Norman Stansfield,<i> The Professional</i> (1994)
Captain McCluskey, <i>The Godfather</i> (1972)
Detective Trupo, <i>American Gangster</i> (2007)
Ray Donlan, <i>Cop Land </i>(1997)
Capt. Dudley Smith, <i>L.A, Confidential</i> (1997)
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