• "The Ram," <i>The Wrestler</i> (2008)
    "The Ram," The Wrestler (2008)
    Battling back from two decades of strippers and tanning can't be easy... but a true wrestler perseveres through the haunting pain for one more shot in the ring. Can The Ram vanquish his age-old rival The Ayatollah? Or have all those years of hard-living left their mark?
  • Andy Kaufman, <i>Man on the Moon</i> (1999)
    Andy Kaufman, Man on the Moon (1999)
    The "Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World," is part-comic, part-kook, all heel. Taunting the crowd (particularly women-libbers) is an age-old wrestling tradition and Kaufman is the master. Outside the ring, it nabs him the love of his life, Lynne Margulies (Courtney Love).
"The Ram," <i>The Wrestler</i> (2008)
Andy Kaufman, <i>Man on the Moon</i> (1999)
"Nacho," <i>Nacho Libre</i> (2006)
Louden Swain, <i>Vision Quest</i> (1985)
"Thunderlips," <i>Rocky III</i> (1982)
Jimmy King, <i>Ready to Rumble</i> (2000)
Garp, <i>The World According to Garp</i> (1982)
Lance DeLune, <i>The Ladies Man</i> (2000)
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