• Batmobile, <i>Batman Begins</i>
    Batmobile, Batman Begins
    For his recent reworking of the beloved comic, director Christopher Nolan ditched the Batmobile's sleek look and unveiled a Hummer-meets-Lamborghini model equipped with a detachable "bat pod," rocket launcher, and jet engine. Take that, super-villains.
  • Mach 5, <i>Speed Racer</i>
    Mach 5, Speed Racer
    With 5,000 horsepower, this mythic creation of Pops (John Goodman) is the Excalibur of racing cars, but speed isn't everything: the Mach 5 also has plenty of jump jacks, buzz-saw blades, and all-terrain accessories to help you survive until the final lap.
Batmobile, <i>Batman Begins</i>
Mach 5, <i>Speed Racer</i>
1961 Ferarri, <i>Ferris Bueller's Day Off</i>
1966 Thunderbird, <i>Thelma & Louise</i>
Shaguar, <i>Austin Powers in Goldmember</i>
Aston Martin DBS, <i>Quantum of Solace</i>
1975 Gran Torino, <i>Starsky & Hutch</i>
1972 Gran Torino, <i>Gran Torino</i>
1998 Corvette, <i>xXx</i>
1981 DeLorean, <i>Back to the Future</i>
Frankenstein's Monster, <i>Death Race</i>
1958 Fury, <i>Christine</i>
2009 Chevrolet Camaro, <i>Transformers</i>
Pursuit Special, <i>Mad Max</i>
1969 Dodge Charger, <i>Death Proof</i>
1968 Mustang, <i>Bullitt</i>
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