• James Bond, <i>Casino Royale</i>
    James Bond, Casino Royale
    Physical torture and even a poison-induced heart attack might slow down 007 (Daniel Craig), but it won't prevent him from stopping a terrorist banker...with style.
  • Tom Stall, <i>A History of Violence</i>
    Tom Stall, A History of Violence
    He may have gone small-town, but former gangster-slayer Stall (Viggo Mortensen) still has that killer instinct. He'll take out his own brother if it'll put an end to further bloodshed.
James Bond, <i>Casino Royale</i>
Tom Stall, <i>A History of Violence</i>
Rick Deckard, <i>Blade Runner</i>
John T. Chance, <i>Rio Bravo</i>
Samuel Gerard, <i>The Fugitive</i>
Martin Riggs, <i>Lethal Weapon</i>
Paul Kersey, <i>Death Wish</i>
Harry Callahan, <i>Dirty Harry</i>
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