• Tony Montana, <i>Scarface</i>
    Tony Montana, Scarface
    To maintain his lifestyle, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) smuggles thousands of kilos of cocaine. What won't he stoop to? Murder, assault, extortion, housing a tiger without a license...
  • Travis Bickle, <i>Taxi Driver</i>
    Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver
    The mohawked Bickle (Robert De Niro) can't decide whether to become an assassin, a vigilante or just a regular rage-aholic, so he chooses all three. The ultimate triple threat.
Tony Montana, <i>Scarface</i>
Travis Bickle, <i>Taxi Driver</i>
Louise, <i>Thelma and Louise</i>
Matty Walker, <i>Body Heat</i>
Josey Wales, <i>The Outlaw Josey Wales</i>
Jules Winnfield,<i> Pulp Fiction</i>
Sonny Corleone, <i>The Godfather</i>
Tommy DeVito, <i>Goodfellas</i>
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