• Sharon Stone, <I>Basic Instinct</I> (1992)
    Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct (1992)
    The dangerous combination of looks and killer instincts plays to marvelous effect with Sharon Stone using everything she's got to get everything she wants as bisexual novelist Catherine Tramell.
  • Kathleen Turner, <I>Body Heat</I> (1981)
    Kathleen Turner, Body Heat (1981)
    How do you get a man to kill your husband? Give him the best, sweaty, rough sex Florida and you have to offer. At least that's what Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner) did.
Sharon Stone, <I>Basic Instinct</I> (1992)
Kathleen Turner, <I>Body Heat</I> (1981)
Marilyn Monroe, <I>The Seven Year Itch</I> (1955)
Audrey Hepburn, <I>Funny Face</I> (1957)
Sophia Loren, <I>Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow</I> (1963)
Salma Hayek, <I>Desperado</I> (1995)
Raquel Welch, <I>One Million Years B.C.</I> (1966)
Rita Hayworth <I>Gilda</I> (1946)
Grace Kelly, <I>To Catch a Thief</I> (1955)
Julia Roberts, <I>Erin Brockovich</I> (2000)
Angelina Jolie, <I>Mr. and Mrs. Smith</I> (2005)
Faye Dunaway, <I>Bonnie and Clyde</I> (1967)
Halle Berry, <I>Die Another Day</I> (2002)
Uma Thurman, <I>Kill Bill: Vols. 1 & 2</I> (2003)
Michelle Pfeiffer, <I>Scarface</I> (1983)
Scarlett Johansson, <I>Match Point</I> (2005)
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