• <em>Titanic</em> (1997)
    Titanic (1997)
    Forget the love story: It's the sight of the world's largest ship standing vertical in the water that gives us goosebumps. With thousands of people trapped as freezing water surges, this real life disaster makes a clear case for keeping both feet on dry land.
  • <em>The China Syndrome</em> (1979)
    The China Syndrome (1979)
    It's hard to tell what's riskier: Working at the Ventana nuclear plant or trying to blow the whistle on its mismanagement. Either way, since a meltdown could render an area the size of Philly uninhabitable, it's best to call in sick -- from another state.
<em>Titanic</em> (1997)
<em>The China Syndrome</em> (1979)
<em>The Poseidon Adventure</em> (1972)
<em>The Towering Inferno</em> (1974)
<em>Airport</em> (1970)
<em>War of the Worlds</em> (2005)
<em>Independence Day</em> (1996)
<em>Mars Attacks!</em> (1996)
<em>Cloverfield</em> (2008)
<em>The Day the Earth Stood Still</em> (2008)
<em>The Andromeda Strain</em> (1971)
<em>Outbreak</em> (1995)
<em>Deep Impact</em> (1998)
<em>Armageddon</em> (1998)
<em>Earthquake</em> (1974)
<em>The Day After Tomorrow</em> (2004)
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