• Harry Potter from <I>Harry Potter</i> (No. 1)
    Harry Potter from Harry Potter (No. 1)
    The books, the movies -- monster blockbuster smashes, one and all. Harry is the kid to beat, and he'll lay more than one smackdown with that stylish wand.
  • River Tam from <I>Serenity</i> (No. 16)
    River Tam from Serenity (No. 16)
    She was also the sixteenth seed for the Greatest Monster Hunter Tournament. River has telepathic abilities, so she qualified again for this contest. What can you do with it this time, girl?
Harry Potter from <I>Harry Potter</i> (No. 1)
River Tam from <I>Serenity</i> (No. 16)
Damien from <I>Omen II</i> (No. 8)
Melvin Ferd from <I>The Toxic Avenger</I> (No. 9)
Scott Howard from <I>Teen Wolf</I> (No. 5)
Sean Crenshaw from <I>The Monster Squad</I> (No. 12)
Hermione Granger from <I>Harry Potter</I> (No. 4)
Donnie Darko from <I>Donnie Darko</I> (No. 13)
Edward Cullen from <I>Twilight</I> (No. 2)
Lydia from <I>Beetlejuice</I> (No. 15)
David from <I>The Lost Boys</I> (No. 7)
Sarah Bailey from <I>The Craft</I> (No. 10)
Regan from <I>The Exorcist</I> (No. 6)
Nancy from <I>A Nightmare on Elm Street</I> (No. 11)
Carrie White from <I>Carrie</I> (No. 3)
Ginger from <I>Ginger Snaps</I> (No. 14)
  • Round 1