• Emily Montgomery, <i>In & Out</i>  (1997)
    Emily Montgomery, In & Out (1997)
    This jilted bride (Joan Cusack) has the dress, the plane tickets, and her honeymoon luggage packed. Now all she needs is a man -- any man. Comedy and tragedy are wedded as Emily goes on the warpath, wandering into traffic and screaming, "It's an emergency, I need a heterosexual -- CODE RED!!"
  • Laura Garrety, <i>Very Bad Things</i> (1998)
    Laura Garrety, Very Bad Things (1998)
    Laura (Cameron Diaz) isn't angry that her groom and his buddies committed manslaughter in Vegas. She's angry that the aftermath is overshadowing her dream wedding. This is HER day! And hubby had better fix things quick, even if that means adding to the body count. Also, she could use some help with the seating arrangements?
Emily Montgomery, <i>In & Out</i>  (1997)
Laura Garrety, <i>Very Bad Things</i> (1998)
The Bride, <i>Kill Bill</i> (2003)
The Bride, <i>Bride of Frankenstein</i> (1935)
Maggie Carpenter, <i>Runaway Bride</i> (1999)
Harriet Michaels, <i>So I Married an Axe Murderer</i> (1993)
Carrie Bradshaw, <i>Sex and the City</i> (2007)
Schatze Page, <i>How to Marry a Millionaire</i> (1953)
Jennifer, <i>I Married a Witch</i> (1942)
Alice Tripp, <i>A Place in the Sun</i> (1951)
Emily, <i>The Corpse Bride</i> (2005)
 Vanessa/Ursula, <i>The Little Mermaid</i> (1989)
 Liv, <i>Bride Wars</i> (2009)
Emma, <i>Bride Wars</i> (2009)
Judith, <i>Saving Silverman</i> (2001)
Mina Murray, <i>Bram Stoker's Dracula</i> (1992)
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