• Verdell, <i>As Good As It Gets</i> (1997)
    Verdell, As Good As It Gets (1997)
    This Brussels Griffon learns some new tricks when placed in the temporary care of his grouchy, obsessive-compulsive neighbor (Jack Nicholson) -- even adopting some of his new master's tics! The relationship that forms between them works out perfectly: Nicholson rediscovers his ability to love others; Verdell gets all the bacon he can eat.
  • Bruiser, <i>Legally Blonde II</i> (2001)
    Bruiser, Legally Blonde II (2001)
    For some a dog is a member of the family; for others it's the perfect accessory. For Elle (Reese Witherspoon) Bruiser is both. This Chihuahua not only motivates her to look her best, he inspires her crusade against animal testing, and the Bruiser Bill named in his honor takes Elle all the way to Congress.
Verdell, <i>As Good As It Gets</i> (1997)
Bruiser, <i>Legally Blonde II</i> (2001)
Milo, <i>The Mask</i> (1994)
Marley, <i>Marley and Me</i> (2008)
Hooch, <i>Turner and Hooch</i> (1989)
Jerry Lee, <i>K-9</i> (1989)
Samantha, <i>I Am Legend</i> (2007)
Blood, <i>A Boy and His Dog</i> (1975)
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