• Buffy from <I>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</i> (No. 1)
    Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (No. 1)
    • Killed almost every monster you can think of, and ergo, is top seeded
    • So badass, will sleep with vampires and then break their hearts
  • River Tam from <I>Serenity</I> (No. 16)
    River Tam from Serenity (No. 16)
    • Child prodigy
    • Can defend herself against Reavers and drunken bar patrons, pretty impressive when you're only 90 lbs.
Buffy from <I>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</i> (No. 1)
River Tam from <I>Serenity</I> (No. 16)
Sam and Dean Winchester from <I>Supernatural</I> (No. 8)
Angel from <I>Angel</I> (No. 9)
Ellen Ripley from <I>Aliens</I> (No. 5)
Blade from <I>Blade</I> (No. 12)
Van Helsing from <I>Van Helsing</I> and <I>The Golden Vampire</I> series (No. 4)
Nada from <I>They Live</I> (No. 13)
Ash from <I>Evil Dead</I> (No. 2)
The Frog Brothers from <I>Lost Boys</I> (No. 15)
Selene from <I>Underworld</I> (No. 7)
Dr. Who from <I>Dr. Who</I> (No. 10)
The Ghostbusters from <I>Ghostbusters</I> (No. 6)
Mulder & Sculley from (<I>X-Files</I>) (No. 11)
Hellboy from <em>Hellboy</em> (No. 3)
Alice from <I>Resident Evil</I> (No. 14)
  • Round 1