• Chewbacca, <i>Star Wars</i> Series
    Chewbacca, Star Wars Series
    "Loyal," "furry," and "an excellent sense of smell" are words and phrases that could be used to describe Lassie. But this Wookiee smuggler turned rebel hero is more: Chewie's an awesome co-pilot and skilled mercenary. Sure, he's a bit short-tempered, but remember that he's over 200 years old, the hairy equivalent of a grumpy old man.
  • Klingons, <i>Star Trek</i> Series
    Klingons, Star Trek Series
    Klingons were the original alien bad boys of Star Trek way before they received a glasnost makeover (and a cranial ridge) a generation later. They are violent warriors big on honor and bravery. The Klingon language has the distinction of being the language most copied by fanboys, usually learned from any number of Klingon dictionaries.
Chewbacca, <i>Star Wars</i> Series
Klingons, <i>Star Trek</i> Series
Martians, <i>Mars Attacks!</i>
E.T., <i>E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial</i>
Aliens, <i>Alien</i>
Bugs, <i>Starship Troopers</i>
Gentle Rosenburg the Arquillian Jeweler, <i>Men in Black</i>
Diva Plavalaguna, <i>The Fifth Element</i>
Superman, <i>Superman</i>
The Predator, <i>Predator</i>
Newcomers, <i>Alien Nation</i>
The Blob, <i>The Blob</i>
The Thing, <i>The Thing</i>
Body Snatchers, <i>Invasion of the Body Snatchers</i>
Aliens, <i>Independence Day</i>
Aliens, <i>Close Encounters of the Third Kind</i>
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