Get Low (2009)

Description   [from Freebase]

"Taking a leading role for the first time in several years, American legend Robert Duvall gives a performance of wisdom and nuance in Get Low. Complemented by a first-rate cast that includes Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek and Lucas Black, this classic story from a bygone era unfolds with quiet majesty. For the past forty years, Felix Bush (Duvall) has lived as a hermit deep in the Tennessee woods. His clothes tattered, his manner rough and his expressions buried behind a massive white beard, he's an unnerving figure when he stalks into town with his mule, shotgun in hand. Some say he's killed men with his bare hands. One day Bush walks into the local funeral parlour and announces to Frank Quinn (Murray), “'Bout time for me to get low. Down to business. I need a funeral.” More importantly, he wants a funeral party, an event that will draw all his friends and enemies to his shack in the woods for a final reckoning – and he wants to throw the party while he's still alive. Based on a true story, Get Low has the feel of a classic American tale. Its style evokes westerns both old and new. There is something of Robert Altman's McCabe & Mrs. Miller in director Aaron Schneider's storytelling, and something of Gordon Willis and Conrad Hall in the film's richly lit and composed images. The beauty of the cinematography serves as a backdrop to resonant performances from each actor. Lucas Black more than holds his own as the undertaker's sidekick, playing against Murray's sly rhythms with upright sincerity. Taking the role of Felix's former lover, Spacek is pure pleasure to watch in her scenes with Duvall. To see two veteran actors responding to each other with such heart and such presence is an all-too-rare treat. And for Duvall, Get Low marks a welcome return. Always a minimalist, he is now at the stage where he can do so much more onscreen with so much less. His every moment here is a lesson in living before the camera. It stands with his best-ever performances." Quoting the 2009 TIFF site.

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