Don't Worry About Me (2009)

Description   [from Freebase]

"After a one-night-stand gone wrong, Southerner David finds himself stranded and broke in Liverpool. Having cut his directing teeth on two short films and two feature-length television dramas (Passer By and Sweet Revenge), actor David Morrissey turns to his home town of Liverpool as the setting for his first feature film, and to Joey Ramone for its title. Essentially a boy- meets-girl story firmly grounded in a sense of place, the film is based on the original stage play The Pool, written by Helen Elizabeth and James Brough, who also star. After a one-night-stand gone wrong, David (Brough), every inch the Southern geezer, winds up stranded in Liverpool with only some loose change in his pocket and a strong desire to get back to London. Placing a bet to try and win his fare home, he meets helpful local lass Tina (Elizabeth), and plans take a different turn. Once he's talked her into skipping work for the rest of the day, she leads him on a tour of the city, and sightseeing leads to sharing stories and, in fits and starts, a connection grows. While we might expect an actor-turned-director to have a knack for working with actors, what's perhaps less likely is the strong, almost painterly style that Morrissey brings to the film, rendering Liverpool beautiful and desolate by turns.

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