Camp Blood: The Musical (2006)

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Camp Blood: The Musical is an 80s style slasher/musical movie. It was created by Tanner Barklow, Jefferson Craig and Thomas Hughes (of The Spinto Band) in the spring of 2005. Camp Blood: The Musical is the story of six teenagers (a Virgin/Jock/Whore/Nerd/Rebel/Goth combo) who arrive at Camp Blood to work as counselors for the summer but instead find themselves terrorized by a killer in a ski mask. After an ambitious DVD giveaway on the Camp Blood Myspace page, a number of horror film websites have run highly favorable reviews of the film, lauding it for its tongue-in-cheek attitude and gratuitous nudity. Camp Blood: The Musical was An official selection for the 2011 Bare Bones International Film Festival (nominated for best comedy short and best musical), the 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival and the 2006 Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, where it won the audience award. It was also an official selection at Lumberyard Media's Horrorfest 2006, where it was awarded - to some of the festival's fans' chagrin - the Golden 2x4 for Best Picture along with prizes for Best Actor (Wolf) and Best Song ('It's a Chase (Death Race)').

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