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Catwoman (2004)


Halle Berry is Patience Phillips, frumpy artist and graphic designer on the campaign for a revolutionary new anti-aging agent. On her first big design for the evil makeup company, the CEO (Lambert Wilson) says he doesn’t like a shade of red and so he gives her a midnight deadline with a new design. Patience then has to track down the head of the company in a dark chemical plant on the East River, where she happens to find out that the miracle cure for aging is physically addictive, gives headaches, makes skin as strong as stone, and transforms your face into something awful if you ever happen to quit taking it. Of course Patience panics, gets found out, and ends up drowned in the East River, only to be given mouth-to-mouth by a 4,000-year-old possessed cat, which turns her into the legendary super/anti-hero of the title.