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Underworld (2003)


Underworld‘s trailer makes it looks wonderfully slick and dark in the tradition of The Matrix and Blade — from its Dark Shadows-meets-Matrix costumes to its Blade weaponry to its Nine Inch Nails video backdrops. Straight out of Marilyn Manson’s wet dreams comes the fantastical storyline: For centuries, vampires have battled werewolves, known here as Lycans. It’s not really clear why they’ve been battling, even after the film sort of reveals the reason; so we’ll leave it there. The Vampires are depicted as aristocratic sophisticates who prefer fine crystal and Porsches, whereas the Lycans are filthy street thugs who morph into ferocious dog-like monsters.

Kate Beckinsale plays the beautiful and fierce vampire warrior Selene who, in hunting the Lycans, discovers that a few of them are tracking a human named Michael (Scott Speedman). In her effort to unravel what role Michael plays in the Lycans’ war plans, she finds out that Michael is a werewolf. Then, somehow, they fall in love, and they begin to seek out an end to the ancient feud together.

Sound to you like Romeo and Juliet with monsters? You’re basically right if you add werewolves, which do look pretty scary as they crawl along the walls.