The Wild Dogs (2002)

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The Wild Dogs is a 2002 film by Canadian filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald. Set in the city of Bucharest, Romania, the action is confined to a week in the life of the various characters. Alberta Watson plays the bored wife of a diplomat. Director and screenwriter Thom Fitzgerald plays a Canadian pornographer. The title is based on the fact that when the communist government forced people to move into working-class apartment complexes they had to give up their pets. The initial population of perhaps 2,000 dogs has grown over the years to the point where some estimate that 20 years later as many as 200,000 wild dogs wander the streets of the city. The Wild Dogs won the Best Canadian Feature at the 2002 Atlantic Film Festival The film debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, won four prizes including the Best Canadian Film Award and Best Director at the Atlantic Film Festival, and was nominated for four Academy of Canadian Cinema (Genie) Awards including a Best supporting Actor nomination for David Hayman as a womanizing diplomat with cancer.

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