Ali G Indahouse (2002)

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Ali G Indahouse is a 2002 British comedy film directed by Mark Mylod and starring the fictional character Ali G, who is written and performed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Ali G was originally developed for the Channel 4 series The 11 O'Clock Show and Da Ali G Show. Ali G Indahouse was released on DVD in Region 2 in the United Kingdom on 11 November 2002, and in Region 1 in United States and Canada on 2 November 2004. It is the first of three films based on Baron Cohen's characters from Da Ali G Show, and is followed by Borat and Brüno. Ali G is the leader of Da West Staines Massiv, a fictional gang composed of a group of wannabe gangsters from Staines (a suburban town in north Surrey, to the west of London); their chief rivals are Da East Staines Massiv. Ali and Da West Staines Massiv are heartbroken to learn that their beloved local leisure centre (where they like to chill out and also where Ali teaches his "Keep it Real" classes) will be demolished by the local council. Ali and his friends decide to protest this injustice.

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