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Pretty Cool (2001)


God bless Rolfe Kanefsky.

I didn’t think they made outright sex comedies any more. Sure, movies like American Pie and Road Trip veer in that direction, but a film where a guy becomes able to control people’s minds — and thus gets lots of girls to take their clothes off — well, we haven’t seen movies like this since the era of Porky’s and H.O.T.S.

Pretty Cool‘s template is the Scott Baio comedy Zapped!, and you definitely can’t quibble with the source material. Young Howard (Will Burke) immortalizes Tom Cruise (an opening scene spoofs Risky Business), but in real life he’s terrible with the ladies and not terribly bright, either. While attempting to change his grades via computer, he receives an unlikely jolt (courtesy of a secret experiment) that gives him the power to read minds and control them as well! Mind control is my favorite super power, and Howard tiptoes into putting it to good use, by hanging out in the locker room (and telling the ladies he’s invisible) and forcing his sister (Amy Brassette) to make funny voices.

Meanwhile, Howard woos a new girl on the block (Alexis Thorpe), sans powers, while dueling with a similarly talented woman who’s tracking him down to reverse the experiment, so he’ll revert to normal. Hilarity ensues.

Often hysterical, Pretty Cool is a fun little diversion that you are highly encouraged not to take seriously at all. Burke is charming as he fumbles his way through the film, and his bevy of female co-stars (four of whom appeared together in the last Emmanuelle movie) know exactly how this film is supposed to go down.

Pretty Cool is ultimately not nearly as raunchy as you might be expecting, but it’s miles ahead of the recent spate of unfunny , and it features a girl who turns into a cat.

People of the internet, I command you to see this film!